Welcome to Miss Caroline’s 3 & 4-Year-Old Creative Dance Class, 5 & 6-Year-Old Pre-Ballet Class, & 7 to 9-Year-Old Ballet Class

Welcome to the Dance Conservatory of Pasadena! My name is Caroline Broes and I am honored to be your child’s ballet teacher. My students address me as “Miss Caroline.” If your dancer sees me in the studio lobby before or after class, it is customary for the dancer to curtsey (for girls) or bow (for boys), and practice saying an appropriate salutation such as “good afternoon, Miss Caroline!” Children are to address all adults and faculty members of the Dance Conservatory in this manner, especially Jennifer Cheng, the Artistic Director and owner, Patricia Godfrey our pre-professional teacher, and our two studio managers, Leena Akopian and Natalie Akopian.

Please have only one parent or guardian bring your student to ballet class. Our lobby can not accommodate more than one parent per dancer. If you must bring siblings on a particular day, please understand that they are required to stay with the parent or guardian at all times – either sitting quietly on the adult’s lap, or holding the adult’s hand. The studio lobby is not appropriate for “playtime” or loud voices. It is perfectly acceptable, and is preferable, for parents to drop-off and pick-up their dancer at the scheduled times, for all classes. It is a new studio policy that parents will be charged a fee for late pick-up times.

Many parents ask me if their three to four-year-old child is ready for ballet class. If your child is at least three years old, can happily separate from you, can walk into the classroom by him or herself, and can follow directions for 45 minutes, then they are ready! If there are any tears or separation issues, your child is not ready – and that’s OK! Try again in a few months! All children grow and mature differently (and quickly!) at this age. They are each wonderfully unique.

Having your dancer prepared for class at any age is as important as the class itself. This takes a time commitment from the parent, and is greatly appreciated by all teachers. The three to six-year-old uniform for girls consists of pink ballet shoes (with the strings tied, cut to the right length, and tucked inside the shoe), pink tights, and a pink leotard. No skirts, or attached skirts of any kind are allowed for young dancers in training. No underwear is to be worn under the tights. (The reason ballet dancers wear tights is to REPLACE the underwear, not eliminate it.) Underwear constricts the dancer, and looks inappropriate. Hair is to be pulled back in a tight ballet bun. No pony-tails. Children may express their individuality with hair accessories. Bows, bun covers, clips and flowers are acceptable, as long as they are secure on the head. Boys are required to wear a white T-shirt or leotard, black shorts or tights, and black ballet shoes. The seven to nine-year-old uniform for girls consists of pink ballet shoes, pink tights, and a lavender or black leotard.

Please have your dancer use the restroom, and wash hands and face before starting the class. All children, in all classes at DCP, are required to enter the classroom clean, neat, prepared, and on time. This is how dancers and their parents show respect for the teacher, the studio, and the art of classical ballet itself.

In every class I take time to compliment, nurture, and encourage each of my students. In order for me to properly teach and correct your child, I will be physically touching and adjusting your child’s body. Children learn by imitating me and listening to me, but physical touch at this age is the best sensory method for most. I also give my dancers hugs of love and encouragement. Please let me know if you do not want your child to be touched in any way. Your wishes will be respected.

Transition form Miss Caroline’s Classes into the Technique Program

The “Tech Program” at DCP has been designed for students interested in pursuing a professional career in ballet. Classes are divided by Levels 1 through 5. This program is taught by Patricia Godfrey and Sasha Greshenko, and is a separate program from all classes taught by Miss Caroline, ages 3 through 9. Tech Students must be at least 8 years old, and will be accepted ONLY through an audition. Acceptance and level placement will be determined by Jennifer Cheng, DCP’s owner and Artistic Director. Students will be chosen by technique, strength, maturity, and a strong dedication to work hard.

Any student in Miss Caroline’s seven to nine-year-old class is welcome to participate in these auditions, as a way to practice the sometimes daunting “audition process.” It is highly recommended, even if the student is not interested in the Tech Program. Becoming confident in an audition situation can help a student in all areas of life.

Auditions for the Tech Program will be held twice a year. The next upcoming audition is in January of 2017. There will also be workshops taught by Patricia Godfrey throughout the year for those students interested in preparing. Please check the DCP board and website for times and more information about the Tech Program, Auditions, and Workshops.

The classical art of ballet has a long and rich history of respect and tradition. My goal is to teach your child this beauty and history from the very first lesson. Your child will be taught physical steps, French terminology, and musicality. They will also be taught manners – how to address adults, use eye-contact, show kindness to others, and say “please” and “thank you.” It is my hope that with your help your dancer will take these lessons into your home, school, and eventually the world around them.

Caroline Broes
DCP Children’s Artistic Director