Dance Conservatory of Pasadena School awards partial and full scholarships to ballet students ages 9 – 17 years old. Semi – Annual auditions are held in January & September of each year. There are both merit and need based scholarships available. Please call the studio at (626) 396-1744 for further information.

In Our Students Own Words

I would like to introduce a few of our current scholarship students, Please view more in our gallery

  • I love to dance because it is my way of being me. It lets me move in about a million ways. It is everything to me and I am so happy that I am in the scholarship program! I love to dance because it is a very good way to keep me busy and great exercise! And that is why I LOVE to dance!

    Olivia Theard Ballet Tech 1, Age 12
  • I started ballet when I was four years old. Since then, it has always been a big part of my life. Every playdate, every birthday party, every family vacation I turned down was not because I didn’t have time, no it was because I had ballet. I wouldn’t have turned those things down, though, if I did not love ballet. Ballet doesn’t just give me exercise, it helps me calm down on chaotic days. When I am doing ballet my mind escapes from all the extra stress life brings. Yet is it also challenging, so I am always pushing myself to try harder, practice more, and get stronger. Now I can see I am slowly but surely improving. But I wouldn’t be able to achieve this without the help of the wonderful teachers and the incredible Dance Conservatory of Pasadena. My teachers have always been there to pick me up when I fell down, yell at me whenever needed (it is needed quite frequently), and so much more. The staff at DCP is always very kind and always willing to lend a helpful hand. I feel that dancing at DCP is a great privilege. It is a great studio and it is always doing its best to aid all the families that attend their classes. Ballet isn’t just a dance, it is an art. After many long, tiring, but enjoyable years I finally realized that, and my phenomenal teachers along wit my brilliant dance studio has been with me every step of the way.

    Scarlet Yang Ballet Tech 3, Age 14

Scholarship Application Disclosure Statement


  • DANCE CONSERVATORY OF PASADENA  Scholarships apply ONLY toward tuition and fees.
  • Awards are tuition waivers ONLY.  Therefore this type of scholarship is not permitted to apply towards the cost of other materials nor may it be directly refunded to students.
  • Only award recipients will be notified by DANCE CONSERVATORY OF PASADENA . Allow six to eight weeks after the posted deadline for notification of awards.
  • Cessation of enrollment will cause a loss of scholarship.
  • Applicants must be United States Citizens or eligible noncitizens.
  • Scholarship awards are nontransferable and may affect eligibility for other financial assistance.
  • A student can only receive one DANCE CONSERVATORY OF PASADENA  Institutional Scholarship.
  • DANCE CONSERVATORY OF PASADENA  scholarships are non-transferable.


Students who submit an application certify the information provided on the application is correct to the best of their knowledge. Falsification of information will automatically disqualify a student from receiving any scholarships. Students agree that if awarded a scholarship, their name and scholarship information may be shared with the local media, television, radio and/or the DANCE CONSERVATORY OF PASADENA website.

DANCE CONSERVATORY OF PASADENA prohibits discrimination and harassment and provides equal opportunity in its admissions, educational programs, activities, and employment regardless of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, sexual orientation, political affiliation, veteran status, and disabilities that include HIV and AIDS, and medical conditions. Bona fide occupational qualifications will be allowed in those instances where age, gender, or physical requirements apply to the appropriate and efficient administration of the position. Any person having inquiries concerning DANCE CONSERVATORY OF PASADENA ‘s compliance with these regulations may contact the following Title IX and Section 504 Coordinator: Jennifer Cheng at 877-345-PLIE (7543)