Class Info

Children's Division
  • Creative Dance – Ages 3-4
  • Pre-Ballet – Ages 5-6
  • Ballet – Ages 7-9
  • Ballet – Ages 10-12
  • Open Pre-Teen Ballet

Discipline is at the core of all our programs. However, equally important is our philosophy at Dance Conservatory of Pasadena to encourage a child’s spirit so that a love of dance is balanced with a strong technical foundation that ultimately inspires a lifelong appreciation for the arts.

This program introduces younger children to basic dance movement, musicality, and expression that form the foundations that eventually begin the serious study of the full repertoire of ballet positions and movement, as well as the artistic expression that brings joy to both the audience and the dancer.

Pre-Professional Program
  • Ballet Tech 1 – Soft Pink Belt
  • Ballet Tech2 – Lavender Belt
  • Ballet Tech 3 – Royal Blue Belt
  • Ballet Tech 4 – Red Belt
  • Ballet Tech 5 – Green Belt

The primary focus of our ballet students is on developing technique, musicality, proper placement, strength and poise. Self discipline and respect for others in a non-intimidating environment sets the tone for this age group. These students have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and develop their technique by exploring various dance styles in addition to the foundation of ballet. Being that dance is a performance art, workshops will be available to further develop the student’s performance skills and experience. In addition, students will master dance steps and terminology and how it relates to learning choreography. In this division, students are given the opportunity to consider whether they wish to pursue a professional career.

Adult Classes

Dance conservatory of Pasadena offers ongoing classes for adults and teens 12 years and older who enjoy the physical benefits of dance and the pleasure of expression through movement. Flexibility, muscle strength and tone are a few of the many benefits derived from dancing. Classes are available at all levels from novice dancers to experienced dancers.

In-studio performance opportunities are available for this division so the dancers may enjoy the performing experience is a less intimidating venue than a theatre and yet still how their friends and family the fruits of their hard work.

Attire for Classes

Ballet Attire for Girls

Creative Dance & Pre-Ballet / Ages 3 – 6 years

Pink leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers

Ballet 7-9yrs & Ballet / Ages 10 – 12 years

Lavender or black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers

Pre-Professional Division

Black leotards, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, ballet belt for assigned level
Hair must be pulled neatly off of face and securely fastened in a bun (no ponytails please)
Tightly fitting leg warmers may be worn at the barre in cold weather

Ballet Attire for Boys

Pre-ballet Division

Black bicycle or gym shorts, white t-shirt, black or white ballet slippers

Children and Student Attire for Other Dance Styles

For all other dance classes, appropriate clothing, footwear and hair as required by instructor